Items: 398

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JYO Reid
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PWA Botha
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385. Electrocardiographic studies II.
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386. An analysis of the retinal cardiovascular and neurological disorders in diabetics attending an out patient clinic.
P. Markman, E.A. Allen, W.P.U. Jackson
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387. Electrocardiographic studies IV.
A.J. Brink
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388. Some experiences with intracardiac surgery using the helix-reservoir bubble oxygenator with total cardio-pulmonary bypass.
C.N. Barnard, W.L. Phillips, D.R. De Villiers, R.D. Casserley, R.P. Hewitson, R.L. Van der Riet, M.B. McKenzie
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A.B. Bull, G.J. Roussouw, J.E. Kench, C.N. Barnard
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390. Cardiospasm in an African: A case report.
Joseph Katz, Helen Sender
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391. Electrocardiographic studies VI.
A.J. Brink
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392. untoward autonomic cardio-vascular reflexes during aneasthesia.
J.L. Van Den Berg
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(5):

393. Reviews of books: Practical electrocardiography.
Claudia Naidu
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(9):

394. Hypothermia: Its uses in modern cardiovascular surgery.
Denis N. Fuller
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395. Cardiovascular diseases.
Claudia Naidu
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396. The difficulties and dangers of cardiovascular surgery with an arrested circulation.
Paul Marchand, J.C. Allan
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397. Phonocardiography: Its application to clinical medicine.
J. Greenstein
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398. Editorial: Cardiospasm.
Claudia Naidu
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