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81. A cross-sectional study of socioeconomic status and cardiovascular disease risk among participants in the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological (PURE) Study.
B.A. Egbujie, E.U. Igumbor, T Puoane
South African Medical Journal. 2016 106(9):900-906

82. Risk of cardiovascular disease among teachers in Cape Town: Findings of the South African PaCT pilot study.
E C Laurence, J Volmink, T M Esterhuizen, S Dalal, M D Holmes
South African Medical Journal. 2016 106(10):996-1001

83. The role of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 inhibitors in managing cardiovascular risk.
Natalie Schellack, Gustav Schellack, E Bronkhorst
South African Family Practice. 2016 58(1):31-34

84. Epidural Anaesthesia Reduces Peri-Operative Morbidity and Mortality in Patients With Significant Cardio-Respiratory Diseases: Report of Five Cases.
Suleiman Zakari Aliyu, Nababa Mohammed Muritala, Akinsowon Olusegun Reuben, Adegboye Adewale Kazeem, Kolawole Israel Kayode, Bolaji Benjamin Olusomi
Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research. 2016 8(2):37-43

85. Left Ventricular Thrombus among patients undergoing Transthoracic Echocardiography in a north - western Nigerian tertiary health institution.
H Saidu, M.S. Mijinyawa, M.Y. Ahmad, M.U. Sani
Research Journal of Health Sciences. 2016 4(1):1-8

86. Risk factors and assessment for cardiovascular disease among HIV-positive patients attending a Nigerian tertiary hospital.
Ifeyinwa Dorothy Osegbe, Oyetunji Olukayode Soriyan, Abiola Ann Ogbenna, Henry Chima Okpara, Elaine Chinyere Azinge
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 23(1):

87. The first cardioverter defibrillator implanted in Central Africa.
Tantchou Tchoumi Jacques Cabral, Appolonia Budzee, Gianfranco Butera
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 23(1):

88. Obésité abdominale et autres biomarqueurs de risque cardiométabolique: influence du niveau socioéconomique et du mode de vie dans deux populations noires apparentées, Cotonou (Bénin) et Port-au-Prince (Haïti).
Asma EL Mabchour, Hélène Delisle, Colette Vilgrain, Phillipe Larco, Roger Sodjinou
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 24(1):

89. Cardiomyopathie du péripartum: í  propos d’une observation et revue de la littérature.
Abdelmajid Bouzerda
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 25(1):

90. Aspects cliniques, électrocardiographiques et échocardiographiques de l’hypertendu í¢gé au Sénégal.
Simon Antoine Sarr, Kana Babaka, Mouhamadou Cherif Mboup, Pape Diadie Fall, Khadidiatou Dia, Malick Bodian, Mouhamadou Bamba Ndiaye, Adama Kane, Maboury Diao, Serigne Abdou Ba
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 25(1):

91. Les cardiopathies de l’enfant au CHU Souro Sanou de Bobo-Dioulasso: aspects échocardiographies et thérapeutiques.
Somnoma Jean-Baptiste Tougouma, Senkaye-Lagom Aimé Kissou, Aimé Arsène Yaméogo, Nobila Valentin Yaméogo, Aimé Bama, Makoura Barro, Arsène Héma, Larissa Kaguembèga, Boubacar Nacro
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 25(1):

92. Cardiomyopathie du péripartum : í  propos d’une observation et revue de la littérature.
Abdelmajid Bouzerda
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 25(1):

93. Effects of sevoflurane and propofol on S100? and neuron”‘specific enolase protein levels during cardiopulmonary bypass.
AF Erdem, YN Sahin, N Dogan, Z Umudum, F Bayar, C Bulut, HA Alici, B Erkut, M Cesur, M Ceviz
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2016 19(2):278-283

94. Association of pre-eclampsia with metabolic syndrome and increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women: A systemic review.
IC Udenze
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2016 19(4):431-435

95. A retrospective analysis of blood gases with two different insulin infusion protocols in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery.
?.M. Ku?konmaz, Ö Kurtipek, M.E. Ayd?n, M.E. Erbatur, M Alkan, Y Ünal, M Arslan
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2016 19(6):742-746

96. Awareness and attitudes towards total cardiovascular disease risk assessment in clinical practice among physicians in Southern Nigeria.
S Ofori, C Wachukwu
Nigerian Health Journal. 2016 16(1):

97. Pattern of cardiovascular disease admissions in the medical wards of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital: a retrospective review.
C.E. Nwafor, C.A. Alikor
Nigerian Health Journal. 2016 16(2):

98. Prevalence of subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in healthy HIV infected patients at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.
L Kabwe, S Lakhi, S Kalinichenko, L Mulenga
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2016 43(1):12 - 23

99. The spectrum of heart disease in adults in Malawi: A review of the literature with reference to the importance of echocardiography as a diagnostic modality.
Theresa J. Allain, Louis Kinley, Bright Tsidya, Ailsa Murray, Mark Cheesman, Sam Kampondeni, Noel Kayange
Malawi Medical Journal. 2016 28(2):61-65

100. Development of a subspecialty cardiology curriculum for paediatric registrars in Malawi: Implementation of a long-distance hybrid model.
Laura Newberry, Neil Kennedy, Elizabeth A. Greene
Malawi Medical Journal. 2016 28(2):57-60

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