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1. Endometriosis with massive recurrent hemorrhagic ascites: A case report
Edouard N’guessan, N’goran Kouamé, Franck Gbeli, Privat Guie
Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2019 36(2):312-314

2. Clinical improvement of status epilepticus after delivery: A case report
Chinedu G. Obikili, Makshwar L. Kahansim, Amaka N. Ocheke
Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2019 36(2):304-307

3. Traumatic transperineal delivery, a tragedy in unassisted vaginal delivery: A case report and review of literature
A Rabiu, Z.D. Ahmed, A.I. Yola
Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2019 36(2):301-303

4. Conjoined twin presenting as a case of “hanging breech” in labor – Case report
C.H. Laima, T.B. Meller, G Nwukwa
Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2019 36(2):299-300

5. Gestational choriocarcinoma at Juba Medical Complex and Juba Teaching Hospital: five case reports
Kizza Paul, Kuma Chuol Biel, Anthony Lupai, Changkel Banak, Mirghany Abdallah, Paula Nuer
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(4):137-141

6. Case Report: Ultra-Short Bowel Syndrome after a near-total small bowel resection for gangrene due to volvulus in a district hospital in South Sudan
Koma Akim
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(3):

7. Case Report: Huge inclusion cyst as a long term complication of female genital mutilation
Raymond Takpe, Oluwasomidoyin Olukemi Bello, Chinedum A.C. Onebunne
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(3):

8. Phaeochromocytoma in early pregnancy: A case report and review of the literature
V.K. Oriji, P.O. Fiebai, A Iyagba
Nigerian Journal of Surgery. 2019 7(3):186-193

9. Amitraz poisoning – A case report of a common but highly misconstrued cause of poisoning in Zambia
Frighton Brighton Mutete, Nicola Bweupe, Kaseya O.R. Chiyenu, Katongo Hope Mutengo
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2019 46(3):254-258

10. Successful open surgical repair of an infrarenal, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in a young Malawian female: A case report
Geoffrey Manda
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(4):256-258

11. A case of May-Thurner Syndrome: An old anomaly but, a new suggestion: A case report
Şule Gökçe
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(3):230-232

12. A case of a 22-month-old boy with necrotizing pneumonia presenting with leukaemoid reaction misdiagnosed as leukaemia: A case report and review of the literature
Shakilu Jumanne
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(3):223-226

13. Puerperal Psychosis: A brief review and unusual case report
George Stewart
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(2):161-163

14. High-Risk Adult Wilms’ Tumour in Pregnancy: A Case Report
Stephen Kasenda
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(2):155-158

15. A case report of pulmonary tuberculosis with extensively calcified empyema thoracis drained under image guidance
A.J. Salaam, P.O. Ibinaiye, S.M. Danjem, A.A. Salaam
Jos Journal of Medicine. 2019 13(1):76-80

16. An unsuspected yellow fever and lassa fever in a tertiary healthcare facility in Jos, North Central, Nigeria: a case report
C.C. Akude, C Amaku, C Otuyemi, A Okpala, H Markus, D Caleb, M Nuwam, B Butswat
Jos Journal of Medicine. 2019 13(1):19-25

17. Revascularization of post-traumatic leg amputation: a case report
Isaac Okyere, Vincent Ativor, Perditer Okyere
Ghana Medical Journal. 2019 53(4):308-311

18. Schistosomal Peritonitis Presenting as Acute Abdomen: A Case Report
Kirubel Abebe, Abebe Megersa, Engida Abebe
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(6):

19. A Giant Egg-like symptomatic Loose Body in the Peritoneal Cavity: A Case Report
Berhanetsehay Teklewold, Anteneh Kehaliw, Melat Teka, Bereket Berhane
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(6):

20. Typhoid Caecal Perforation in a Two-Year Old Child: A Case Report
Ogundoyin Olakayode, Ijeoma Chibuzo, Hyginus Ekwuazi, Chukwudi Nwafuluaku
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(5):

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