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81. Case Report Complete resolution of apparently definite radiological and histological usual interstitial pneumonia.
D Simon, BW Allwood, CFN Koegelenberg
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(9):

82. Starvation ketoacidosis in pregnancy presenting as euglycaemic, high anion gap metabolic acidosis: A case report highlighting the significance of early recognition and prompt intervention.
JM Chausse, F Paruk, S Motilall, P Soma-Pillay, S Ndaba
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(8):

83. Early stage breast cancer with concomittant primary hyperparathyroidism and autoimmune thrombocytopenia: a case report.
B.P. Phakathi, A Mannell, S Nietz
South African Journal of Surgery. 2018 56(2):64-65

84. Cleidocranial dysplasia: Radiological mimic of pyknodysostosis – A case report.
Harmeet Kaur, Kamini Gupta, Punit Tiwari
SA Journal of Radiology. 2018 22(1):

85. Erdheim-Chester disease: a rare histiocytosis (case report and review of the literature).
Mahtat El Mehdi, Safae Regragui, Hicham Eddou, Selim Jennane, Hicham El Maaroufi, Kamal Doghmi, Mohamed Mikdame
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-5

86. Macrophage activation syndrome associated with griscelli syndrome type 2: case report and review of literature.
Zakia Sefsafi, Brahim El Hasbaoui, Amina Kili, Aomar Agadr, Mohammed Khattab
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-6

87. Paracetamol self-poisoning: when oral N-acetylcysteine saves life? a case report.
Said Benlamkaddem, Imane Iken, Nawfal Houari, Abderrahim Elbouazzaoui, Brahim Boukatta, Hicham Sbai, Sanae Achour, Nabil Kanjaa
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-5

88. Isolated abducens palsy of advanced age: a rare presentation of dural carotid cavernous fistula: a case report.
Dilek Yilmaz, Asli Akyol Gurses, Koray Akkan, Yusuf Oner, Erhan Ilgit, Baran Onal, Bijen Nazliel
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-5

89. Hereditary multiple exostoses and porencephaly in a Nigerian child: a case report.
Idris Abiodun Adedeji, Hamza Mustapha Ahmed, Abdulazeez Olalekan Tella, Muhammad Faruk Bashir, Yusuf Aliyu Saliu
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-7

90. Meningococcemia complicated by myocarditis in a 16-year-old young man: a case report.
Rania Bouneb, Manel Mellouli, Haifa Regaieg, Senda Majdoub, Imed Chouchène, Mohamed Boussarsar
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-5

91. Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm of pancreas in pregnancy treated with tumor enucleation: Case report and review of the literature.
T.T. Huang, J Zhu, H Zhou, A.M. Zhao
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(9):1234-1237

92. Bronchogenic cyst of the tongue in an infant: a case report and review of literature.
A.O. Lawal, S.A. Ogunmuyiwa, A.O. Adisa, M.M. Ogundeyi, I.O. Dedeke, B.F. Adeyemi
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2018 45(3):153-156

93. Myxopapillary ependymoma: a short compilation with a case report.
S Ergen
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2018 45(3):150-152

94. Successful open surgical repair of an infrarenal, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in a young Malawian female: A case report.
Geoffrey Elihu Manda
Malawi Medical Journal. 2018 30(3):215-217

95. Ascending aortic dissection in the developing world; case report.
Y.C. Kumtap, C.M. Chundusu, V.S. Gomerep, S.C. Rapheal, P.M. Davwar, P.S. Dayom, I Nwakwaka, Salam Salam, S.S. Danbauchi
Jos Journal of Medicine. 2018 12(1):16-21

96. Two case reports on Mandibular metastases.
Adesina O. Adewale, Ladeji A. Mofoluwake, Opaleye T Olamide, Salami A. Yussuf
Ghana Medical Journal. 2018 52(3):168-172

97. The clinical, cytogenetics and molecular characterization of inverted duplication/deletion of chromosome 8p in a boy with mental and motor retardation: Genotype-phenotype correlation in a case report.
Fatma Silan, Romyla Bourouba, Taner Karakaya, Onur Yildiz, Baris Paksoy, Mine Urfali, Ozturk Ozdemir
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. 2018 19(4):437-441

98. Pilonidal sinus disease: Case report and review of the literature.
Olayinka A. Olawoye, Izegaegbe O. Obadan, Joshua D. Choji
East and Central African Journal of Surgery. 2018 23(2):86-88

99. Bilateral congenital absence of the patella in an adult: case report.
J.K. Murithi, M.M. Rashid, S.K. Noorani
East African Orthopaedic Journal. 2018 12(2):73-76

100. Double-site antegrade and retrograde idiopathic intussusception in an infant: a case report and review of literature.
Justina Seyi-Olajide, Adesoji Ademuyiwa, Olumide Elebute, Christopher Bode
Annals of Pediatric Surgery. 2018 14(3):192-194

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