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1. EMLA cream vs 10% lidocaine cream for attenuating venous cannulation pain – a clinical trial
Oluwayemisi Bamidele Oluwadun, Oyebola Olubodun Adekola, Olufemi I.O. Dada, Simeon O. Olanipekun, Adebayo Sulaimon Adetunji, John Olutola Olatosi, Olushola Temitayo Kushimo
Annals of African Surgery. 2019 16(1):

2. A randomized controlled clinical trial evaluating the effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek) versus glibenclamide in patients with diabetes
Rania A Najdi, Magda M Hagras, Fatemah O Kamel, Rania M Magadmi
African Health Sciences. 2019 19(1):1594-1601

3. Resin infiltration technique and fluoride varnish on white spot lesions in children: Preliminary findings of a randomized clinical trial
F Eren Giray, M.A. Durhan, E Haznedaroglu, B Durmus, I.O. Kalyoncu, I Tanboga
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(12):1564-1569

4. A comparison of five international clinical trial registers with the South African register for access to information and usability.
Mncengeli Sibanda, Robert Summers, Johanna Catharina Meyer
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-7

5. Usefulness of laparoscopy for determining the location of transitional zone in patients with inconclusive barium enema for Hirschsprung’s disease: a prospective clinical trial.
Ahmed M.K. Wishahy, Montaser M. Elkottby, Khaled H.K. Bahaaeldin, Ahmed M.Y. Elhennawy
Annals of Pediatric Surgery. 2018 14(3):146-150

6. PASCAL laser platform produces less pain responses compared to conventional laser system during the panretinal photocoagulation: a randomized clinical trial.
Sibel Inan, Onur Polat, Safiye Y?g?t, Umit Ubeyt Inan
African Health Sciences. 2018 18(4):1010-1017

7. Editorial: It is time for Africa to lead the way in pragmatic clinical trials.
B.M. Biccard, R.A. Duys, M.B. Nejthardt, H.L. Kluyts
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. 2018 24(1):

8. Effect of Titanium-prepared Platelet-rich Fibrin Treatment on the Angiogenic Biomarkers in Gingival Crevicular Fluid in Infrabony Defects of Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
HG Pirebas, MK Hendek, U Kisa, M Yalim, EO Erdemir
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(1):69-75

9. Effects of a Cyclic NSAID Regimen on Levels of Gingival Crevicular Fluid Prostaglandin E2 and Interleukin1?: A 6month Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
BF Oduncuoglu, NA Kayar, S Haliloglu, B Serpek, T Ataoglu, NO Alptekin
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(5):658-666

10. Diclofenac transdermal patch versus the sustained release tablet: A randomized clinical trial in rheumatoid arthritic patients.
Peng-Gang Xu, Xi-Feng Lei, Bao-Di Ren, Shui-Ying Lv, Jun-Li Zhang
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2017 16(2):477-482

11. Fatal France clinical trial and the lessons learned: Application of in silico approaches to investigate the disposition of B1A10-2474 and possible safety concerns.
Mohi Iqbal Mohammed Abdul
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2017 16(4):911-917

12. Beyond clinical trials: Cross-sectional associations of combination antiretroviral therapy with reports of multiple symptoms and non-adherence among adolescents in South Africa.
H.P.M. Natukunda, L.D. Cluver, E Toska, V Musiime, A.R. Yakubovich
South African Medical Journal. 2017 107(11):965-975

13. A prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trial of one nano-hybrid and one high-viscosity bulk-fill composite restorative systems in class II cavities: 12 months results.
H olak, U Tokay, R Uzgur, M.M. Hamidi, E Ercan
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2017 20(7):822-831

14. Tamsulosin therapy improved the outcome of ureterorenoscopy for lower ureteral stones: A prospective, randomised, controlled, clinical trial.
A.S. Abdelaziz, A.M. Kidder
African Journal of Urology. 2017 23(2):148-153

15. Effect of low-dose ketamine on post-operative serum IL-6 production among elective surgical patients: a randomized clinical trial.
Tonny Stone Luggya, Tony Roche, Lameck Ssemogerere, Andrew Kintu, John Mark Kasumba, Arthur Kwizera, Jose V.B. Tindimwebwa
African Health Sciences. 2017 17(2):500-507

16. Nanoformulations and Clinical Trial Candidates as Probably Effective and Safe Therapy for Tuberculosis.
Madeeha Laghari, Yusrida Darwis, Abdul Hakeem Memon, Arshad Ali Khan, Ibrahim Mohammed Tayeb Abdulbaqi, Reem Abou Assi
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2016 15(1):201-211

17. A prospective, randomised, controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effect of nitrous oxide on propofol requirement in elective craniotomy in which entropy was used to measure depth of anaesthesia.
P Nanda, P Prakash, KJ Choudhury, VP Singh, S Prakash
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. 2016 22(1):32-36

18. Publication trends of clinical trials performed in South Africa.
M Sibanda, RS Summers, JC Meyer
South African Medical Journal. 2016 106(5):519-523

19. Comparative efficacy of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and levofloxacin in the reduction of postsurgical sequelae after third molar surgery: A randomized, double blind, clinical trial in a Nigerian University Teaching Hospital.
Kizito Chioma Ndukwe, Ramat Oyebunmi Braimah, John Foluso Owotade, Stephen Babatunde Aregbesola
Nigerian Journal of Surgery. 2016 22(2):70-76

20. Evaluation of gingival crevicular fluid transforming growth factor?1 level after treatment of intrabony periodontal defects with enamel matrix derivatives and autogenous bone graft: A randomized controlled clinical trial.
B A?ral?, BE Kuru, A Yarat, L Kuru
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2016 19(4):535-543

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