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21. Editorial-Sharing Clinical Trial Data: A Proposal from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
Darren B Taichman, Joyce Backus, Christopher Baethge, Howard Bauchner, Peter W de Leeuw, Jeffrey M Drazen, John Fletcher, Frank A Frizelle, Trish Groves, Abraham Haileamlak, Astrid James, Christine Laine, Larry Peiperl, Anja Pinborg, Peush Sahni, Sinan Wu
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2016 26(1):2-4

22. The effect of lavender aromatherapy on the pain severity of primary dysmenorrhea: A triple-blind randomized clinical trial..
R Nikjou, R Kazemzadeh, M Rostamnegad, S Moshfegi, M Karimollahi, H Salehi
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2016 6(4):211-215

23. Comparing the influence of relaxation training and consumption of valerian on insomnia of menopause women: A randomized clinical trial.
Azam Jokar, Atefe Kargosha, Marzieh Akarzadeh, Nasrin Asadi, Zahra Setoudeh
African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines. 2016 13(1):40-44

24. Dry cupping in children with functional constipation: A randomized open label clinical trial.
Mahmoud Shahamat, Babak Daneshfard, Khadijeh-Sadat Najib, Seyed Mohsen Dehghani, Vahid Tafazoli, Afshineh Kasalaei
African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines. 2016 13(4):22-28

25. Effect of individualized diabetes education for type 2 diabetes mellitus: a single-center randomized clinical trial.
Min-Hua Fan, Bing-Tong Huang, Ying-Chun Tang, Xiu-Hua Han, Wei-Wei Dong, Le-Xin Wang
African Health Sciences. 2016 16(4):1157-1162

26. Synergism in Pharmacokinetics of Retagliptin and Metformin Observed during Clinical Trials of their Combination Therapy.
X Yong, T Hu, S Feng, X Du, H Shi, W Feng
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2015 14(8):1481-1486

27. A randomised clinical trial comparing the analgesic and anxiolytic efficacy and tolerability of Stilpane® and Tramacet® after third molar extraction.
K Outhoff, JM Dippenaar, M Nell, M Royds, OBW Greeff
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. 2015 21(2):22-27

28. New technique for herniotomy in children: A clinical trial.
Omid Amanollahi, Diana Noemi Diaz, Vahid Moetamedi
Annals of Pediatric Surgery. 2015 11(3):197-199

29. The Effectiveness of Prenatal Intervention on Pain and Anxiety during the Process of Childbirth”‘Northern Iran: Clinical Trial Study.
M Firouzbakht, M Nikpour, S Khefri, B Jamali, F Kazeminavaee, M Didehdar
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(5):348-352

30. The efficacy of chewing gum on postoperative ileus following cesarean section in Enugu, South East Nigeria: A randomized controlled clinical trial.
OV Ajuzieogu, A Amucheazi, HA Ezike, J Achi, DS Abam
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2014 17(6):739-742

31. Study the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Egyptian autistic children: A clinical trial.
F El-baz, RM Elhossiny, YA Azeem, M Girgis
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. 2014 15(2):155-162

32. Pentoxifylline Plus Prednisolone versus Pentoxifylline Only for Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
BK De, SK Mandal, D Sau, S Mani, S Chatterjee, SS Mondal, K Bhattacharya, K Sil, R Bhattacharya
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2014 4(5):810-816

33. Clinical trials in Surgery.
P Mwachaka, JWM Kigera
Annals of African Surgery. 2014 11(2):

34. Ethics of Ancillary Care in Clinical Trials in Low Income Countries: A Nigerian Case Study.
Bridget G Haire, O Ogundokun
African Journal of Reproductive Health. 2014 18(3):135-142

35. Dextrose boluses versus burette dextrose infusions in prevention of hypoglycemia among preterms admitted at Mulago Hospital: an open label randomized clinical trial..
E Kutamba, S Lubega, J Mugalu, J Ouma, E Mupere
African Health Sciences. 2014 14(3):502-509

36. Participant verification: Prevention of co”‘enrolment in clinical trials in South Africa.
C Harichund,, K Haripersad, G Ramjee
South African Medical Journal. 2013 103(7):491-493

37. A randomised clinical trial to determine the effect of betaadrenergic blocking with propranolol on labour.
JBF Cilliers, MG Schoon, RH Bam, I Niemand
South African Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2013 19(2):53-55

38. Establishing community advisory boards for clinical trial research in Malawi: Engendering ethical conduct in research.
L Manda-Taylor
Malawi Medical Journal. 2013 25(4):96-100

39. Letter to Editor: The unseen and untold issues of clinical trials and research ethics in Pakistan.
S Waheed, E Siddiqui
International Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research. 2013 2(2):161-162

40. Impact of moderate versus mild aerobic exercise training on inflammatory cytokines in obese type 2 diabetic patients: a randomized clinical trial.
SM Abd El-Kader, AM Gari, AEM Salah El-Den
African Health Sciences. 2013 13(4):857-863

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