Clinical trials

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61. Uncertainty principle versus clinical equipoise in clinical trials in sub iSaharan Africa: are they really tenable?.
Bello Shuaib Oricha, Muhammad Bala Yauri
Annals of African Medicine. 2003 2(2):99-100

62. Clinical trial of two regimens of Albendazole and Ivermectin to treat Tanzanian Bancroftian Filariasis and Onchocerciasis.
W H Makunde, J J Massaga, F M Salum, R W Makunde, Z X Savael, M J Taylor
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. 2001 2(2):30-31

63. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis: An assessment of the eight month regimen recommended by the Nigerian National Tuberculosis Control Programme Committee for newly diagnosed cases using directly observed treatment short-course in 500 subjects in Iwo, Nigeria: A controlled clinical trial.
E. A. Dosumu
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2001 4(2):59-63

64. Comparative Effects of Interval and Continuous Aerobic Training on Haematological Variables Post-stroke – A randomized clinical trial.
E.N.D Ekechukwu, I.O Omotosho, T.K. Hamzat
African Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences. 2 9(1):1-8

65. Effect of vitamin-enriched bread on the vitamin status of an isolated rural community - a controlled clinical trial.
W.B. Bishop, I. Laubscher, D. Labadarios, P. Rehder, M.E.J. Louw, S.A. Fellingham
South African Medical Journal. 1996 86(4):

66. Is ward evacuation for uncomplicated incomplete abortion under systemic analgesia safe and effective? A randomised clinical trial.
E.T.M. De Jonge, R.C. Pattinson, J.D. Makin, C.P. Venter
South African Medical Journal. 1994 84(8):481-483

67. Anti-inflammatory and combined antiinflammatory/ analgesic medication in the early management of iliotibial band friction syndrome A clinical trial.
M. P. Schwellnus, L. Theunissen, T. D. Noakes, S. G. Reinach
South African Medical Journal. 1991 79(5):602-606

68. Clinical Trial of a New Diuretic-Metindamide.
P Burger, IF Anderson
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(3):

69. Chlorpromazine, Clotiapine and Thioridazine- A C10mparative Clinical Trial on Bantu Psychotic Patients.
A.J. Van Wyk, G.F.T. Marais
South African Medical Journal. 1971 45(8):945-947

70. A clinical trial of melleril (TP-21) in the treatment of mental disorders.
F.J.G. Haupt
South African Medical Journal. 1960 34(1):

71. Clinical trial of amino-methylbenzol-sulphonyl-cyclohexylurea (Metahexamide) in diabetics after failure of tolbutamide.
I.D. Huskisson, W.P.U. Jackson
South African Medical Journal. 1960 34(1):

72. A clinical trial of Stelazine in the treatment of mental disorders.
E.H. Langschmit
South African Medical Journal. 1959 33(8):651-652

73. A clinical trial of pempidine in the treatment of hypertension.
P.W.A. Botha
South African Medical Journal. 1959 33(9):

74. Steroid anaethesia: a clinical trial with 'Presuren' brand hydroxydione.
Andrew Cohen
South African Medical Journal. 1959 33(10):894-896

75. BCG and vole-bacillus vaccines in the prevention of tuberculosis in adolescents: summary of first (progress) report to the medical research council by their tuberculosis vaccine clinical trials committee.
Claudia Naidu
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(4):387-391

76. 'Pacatal' - a clinical trial of a new ataractic drug.
J. MacW. MacGregor
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(11):1108-1111

77. A clinical trial of Carbutamide (BZ 55) in the diabetics clinic.
W.P.U. Jackson, G.C. Linder, Joseph B. Herman, R. Hoffenberg, M.J. Bailey, R. Weinberg, I. Grayce
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(12):1227-1230

78. A clinical trial of Carbutamide (BZ 55) in diabetics admitted to hospital.
S.J. Saunders, W.P.U Jackson, G.C. Linder
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(12):1222-1227

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