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1. Editorial Ebola outbreak: a public health emergency of international concern
Edward Eremugo Kenyi
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(3):

2. Infections, NCDS, and the scourge of cyclones and Ebola in sub-Saharan Africa
James K Tumwine
African Health Sciences. 2019 19(1):i-iv

3. Ebola on our doorstep: Ebola Virus Disease preparedness in South Sudan
Richard Lako, Otim Patrick Cossy Ramadan
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(4):103-105

4. Ebola Virus Disease: epidemiology, management, prevention and control
Gasim Abd-Elfarag
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(4):100-102

5. Editorial: Keeping an eye on Ebola Virus Disease
Edward Eremugo Kenyi
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(4):83

6. Indentifying and modeling the distribution of cryptic reservoirs of Ebola virus using artificial intelligence.
T.M. Kollars Jr., C. Senessie, G. Sunderland
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2018 19(3):

7. Ebola virus disease: assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of nursing students of a Nigerian University.
Aniekan J Etokidem, Boniface U Ago, Mary Mgbekem, Affiong Etim, Eno Usoroh, Anastasia Isika
African Health Sciences. 2018 18(1):55-65

8. Attitude of Health Workers Towards Patients: An Aftermath of Ebola Outbreak in Nigeria.
Joseph A Oluyemi, Mohammed A Yinusa, Raji Abdulateef, Emmanuel Otolagbe, Joseph Adejoke, Kadiri Kehinde, Popoola Gbenga, Williams T. Motolani
Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research. 2017 9(2):47-53

9. A multi-site assessment of knowledge of Ebola virus disease among health workers in south-west Nigeria.
A.O. Joseph, A.Y. Mohammed, A Raji, E Atolagbe, A Joseph, K Kadiri
Research Journal of Health Sciences. 2017 5(3):159-166

10. Fight Ebola virus disease in Africa: a question related to the environment?.
A Diaby, A.S Mohamed, I Tall, D Boiro
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2017 44(3):193-197

11. Information gaps in surveillance data and effects on the Ghanaian response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Elizabeth A. Awini, Joseph H. K. Bonney, Joseph A. Frimpong, William K. Ampofo, Kwadwo A. Koram
Ghana Medical Journal. 2017 51(3):115-119

12. Hand hygiene practices post ebola virus disease outbreak in a Nigerian teaching hospital.
S.O. Martins, A.O. Osiyemi
Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine. 2017 15(1):16-22

13. Maternal and Child Health Services in the Context of the Ebola Virus Disease: Health Care Workers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Rural Guinea.
Alexandre Delamou, Sidikiba Sidibé, Alison Marie El Ayadi, Bienvenu Salim Camara, Thérèse Delvaux, Bettina Utz, Abdoulaye II Toure, Sah D. Sandouno, Alioune Camara, Abdoul Habib Beavogui, Asm Shahabuddin, Karen Van der Veken, Bouchra Assarag, Junko Okumura, Vincent De Brouwere
African Journal of Reproductive Health. 2017 21(1):104-113

14. Containment of ebola i steps to prevent spread of emerging infectious diseases, the Nigeria example.
Y.J. Peter
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2017 18(4):218-222

15. Role of contact tracing in containing the 2014 Ebola outbreak: a review.
Shrivastava Saurabh, Shrivastava Prateek
African Health Sciences. 2017 17(1):225-236

16. Parachuting plasmapheresis into the Ebola crisis.
PJK Zacharias
Africa Sanguine. 2017 19(1):7-12

17. Assessment of Postgraduate Health Professions Students’ knowledge on Ebola and the Need for Education in Global Health
Tarig Osman Mohamed Osman, Ahmed Abbas Ahmed Abdelfattah
Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences. 2016 11(3):101-110

18. Antiretroviral Medication Adherence During The Ebola Epidemic In Sierra Leone.
Ahmed Vandi
Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research. 2016 8(2):73-78

19. End of the Ebola virus outbreak: time to reinforce the African health system and improve preparedness capacity.
Ivy Mulinge, Kenneth Soyemi
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 23(1):

20. African civil society initiatives to drive a biobanking, biosecurity and infrastructure development agenda in the wake of the West African Ebola outbreak.
Akin Abayomi, Sahr Gevao, Brian Conton, Pasquale Deblasio, Rebecca Katz
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 24(1):

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