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81. Editorial: The call to battle cancer in South Sudan.
Oromo Francis Seriano Omojo
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(1):3

82. Editorial: Guinea worm disease: the final push to eradication.
Edward Eremugo Kenyi
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(2):30

83. Guest Editorial: Bleeding disorders (part 1).
N. Alli
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(1):8

84. Editorial: On the path to reach the SDG targets: Decreasing maternal and child mortality in South Africa.
Y Pillay, P Barron
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):2-3

85. Guest Editorial.
N Alli
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):158

86. Editorial.
B.A. Ferlito, A. Dhai
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):157

87. Editorial.
B A Ferlito, A Dhai
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):155-156

88. Editorial.
C Capri, B Watermeyer, J. Mckenzie, O. Coetzee
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):153-154

89. Guest Editorial.
Bettina Taylor, Johannes van Waart, Shivani Ranchod, Allan Taylor
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):149-150

90. Guest Editorial.
Dan J Stein, Katherine Sordsdahl, Crick Lund
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(3):147-148

91. Guest Editorial: Dyslipidaemia in South Africa.
Ntobeko Ntusi
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(4):256-257

92. Editorial: Life-threatening hereditary angio-oedema: Challenges of care in South Africa.
Paul Potter, Jonathan Peter
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(4):254-255

93. Guest Editorial: Tuberculin conversion and tuberculosis disease in infants and young children from the Drakenstein Child Health Study: A call to action.
Leonardo Martinez, Heather J. Zar
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(4):247-248

94. Guest Editorial: Perioperative evaluation of patients who are due to undergo surgery.
Ntobeko Ntusi
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(5):367-368

95. Editorial: Back-to-the-future potential for autochthonous transmission of Aedes aegypti-transmitted viruses in eThekwini and urban coastal KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.
Philip D. Rotz
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(5):364-366

96. Editorial: Unpacking Recommendation 16 of the Health Ombudís report on the Life Esidimeni tragedy.
Lesley J. Robertson, Bernard Janse van Rensburg, Mvuyiso Talatala, Cassey Chambers, Charlene Sunkel, Bharti Patel, Sasha Stevenson
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(5):362-363

97. Editorial: Caring for the mentally ill.
Bridget Farham
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(5):358

98. Guest Editorial: Anaesthesia in South Africa.
Ntobeko Ntusi
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(6):455-456

99. Editorial: How climate change can fuel listeriosis outbreaks in South Africa.
M.F. Chersich, F Scorgie, H Rees, C.Y. Wright
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(6):453-454

100. Editorial: Decentralised clinical training of health professionals will expand the training platform and enhance the competencies of graduates.
Bernhard Gaede
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(6):451-452

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