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1. Cytomegalovirus co-infection with HIV in children and adolescents on antiretroviral therapy in Abuja, Nigeria
A.A. Okechukwu, Y. Thairu
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2020 21(1):36-44

2. Knowledge and practice of HIV testing for PMTCT among antenatal clinic attendees
T.A. Irinyenikan
Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2019 36(2):232-237

3. Maternal side effects of efavirenz‑containing highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART): A comparative study of HIV‑positive pregnant and nonpregnant women in a tertiary hospital
Kayode Makinde, B.O. Okusanya, O.R. Akinajo
Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 2019 36(2):218-223

4. The acceptability of HIV testing among women receiving post abortion care
Lado Wani Ismail, Zahida P. Qureshi, Shadrack B. Ojwang
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(3):

5. Multiple-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis among HIV sero-positive and sero-negative populations in Ilorin, North-Central Nigeria
Abubakar A. Abdulazeez, Adeniran A. Margaret, Nassar A. Sulaiman, Abdulazeez I. Abdulazeez
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(3):

6. Prevalence, clinical pattern and immediate outcomes of HIV-infected children admitted to Al Sabah Children’s Hospital, South Sudan
Gawar Gel, Sabrina B. Kitaka, Victor Musiime, Hassan Chollong
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(3):

7. Patterns and predictors of contraceptive usage among HIV-positive women of reproductive age attending PMTCT/ART clinics in Ogbomoso, Nigeria
S.O. Olarewaju, Y Olaniyan, Y.O. Odusolu
Nigerian Journal of Surgery. 2019 7(3):194-203

8. D-dimer as a predictor of altered coagulation in HIV patients in Nigeria
F.A. Aisabokhale, T.S. Akingbola, K Bamidele
Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences. 2019 34(1):99-105

9. Rates and predictors of adherence and retention for antiretroviral therapy among HIV-positive adults in Enugu, Nigeria
Onyinye Hope Chime
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(3):202-211

10. Common impairments and functional limitations of HIV sequelae that require physiotherapy rehabilitation in the medical wards at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi: A cross sectional study
Gift Treighcy Banda
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(3):171-176

11. Socio-economic Inequality in Comprehensive Knowledge about HIV in Malawi
Gowokani Chijere Chirwa
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(2):104-111

12. Scheduled clinic appointment keeping among HIV-infected adolescents attending a single tertiary centre in Abuja, Nigeria
Eno E. Ekop
Jos Journal of Medicine. 2019 13(1):86-93

13. Quality of Life People Living with HIV/AIDS and Its Characteristic from a VCT Centre in Indonesia
Sri Handayani, Nita Yunianti Ratnasari, Putri Halimu Husna, Marni ., Tantut Susanto
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(6):

14. Predictors of Time to Viral Load Suppression of Adult PLWHIV on ART in Arba Minch General Hospital: A Follow up Study
Sultan Hussen, Mohammedaman Mama, Bitew Mekonnen, anaye Yihune, Mulugeta Shegaze, Negussie Boti, Mohammed Shure
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(6):

15. Detection of Nocardia, Streptomyces and Rhodococcus from bronchoalveolar lavage specimens of patients with HIV by Multiplex PCR Assay
Hossein Ali Rahdar, Mohammad Reza Salehi, Abass Bahador, Seyedesomaye Jasemi, Morteza Karami-Zarandi, Malehe Hasan Nejad, hahram Shahraki- Zahedani, Jafar Amani, Seifu Gizaw Feyisa, Jalil Kardan-Yamchi, Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(6):

16. Factors Predicting Responses to HIV/AIDS Prevention Messages among Wollega University Students, Oromia, Ethiopia: A Cross- Sectional Study
Zelalem Desalegn Waktole, Ameyu Godesso Roro, Lakew Abebe Gebretsadik
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(4):

17. Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy and Associated Factors among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Hara Town and Its Surroundings, North-Eastern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study
Tesfaye Aychew Legesse, Melese Abate Reta
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(3):

18. Predictors of Time to First Line Antiretroviral Treatment Failure among Adult Patients Living with HIV in Public Health Facilities of Arba Minch Town, Southern Ethiopia
Bilcha Oumer Enderis, Sultan Hussen Hebo, Mesfin Kote Debir, Negussie Boti Sidamo, Mulugeta Shegaze Shimber
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(2):

19. The Burden of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia from 1990 to 2016: Evidence from the Global Burden of Diseases 2016 Study
Amare Deribew, Sibhatu Biadgilign, Kebede Deribe, Tariku Dejene, Gizachew Assefa Tessema, Yohannes Adama Melaku, Yihune Lakew, Azmeraw T. Amare, Tolessa Bekele, Semaw F. Abera, Muluken Dessalegn, Andargachew Kumsa, Yibeltal Assefa, Scott D Glenn, Tahvi Frank, Austin Carter, Awoke Misganaw, Haidong Wang
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 29(1):

20. Intestinal parasites among HIV/AIDS patients attending University of Gondar Hospital, northwest Ethiopia
Teklay Gebrecherkos, Haftom Kebede, Abebaw Addis Gelagay
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. 2019 33(2):

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