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2221. National HIV surveillance - South Africa, 1990 - 1992.
H G V Kustner, J P Swanevelder, A Van Middelkoop
South African Medical Journal. 1994 84(4):195-200

2222. HIV-2 and its neurological manifestations.
M Rolfe
South African Medical Journal. 1994 84(8):503-505

2223. Prevalence of vaginitis, syphilis and HIV infection in women in the Orange Free State.
H.S. Cronje, G Joubert, A Muir, R.D. Chapman, P Divan, R.H. Bam
South African Medical Journal. 1994 84(9):602-605

2224. HIV testing and informed consent - ethical considerations.
G. R. McLean, T. Jenkins
South African Medical Journal. 1994 84(10):669-674

2225. Research on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Malawi: the Johns Hopkins University- Ministry of Health (JHU-MOH) project.
TE Taha, JK Canner, AM Wangel, JD Chiphangwi, NG Liomba, PG Miotti, GA Dallabetta, AJ Saah
Malawi Medical Journal. 1994 10(1):6-11

2226. HIV infection in Bophuthatswana Epidemiological surveillance 1987 - 1989.
N. Tshibangu
South African Medical Journal. 1993 83(1):36-39

2227. Evaluation of rapid enzyme immunobinding assays for the detection of antibodies to HIV-l.
S.F. Lyons
South African Medical Journal. 1993 83(2):115-117

2228. Kaposi's sarcoma after alpha-interferon treatment for HIV-negative T-cell lymphoma.
S Ariad, D Lewis, W.R. Bezwoda
South African Medical Journal. 1993 83(6):430-431

2229. National strategy for serological diagnosis of HIV infection.
A.F. Flemming, D.J. Martin
South African Medical Journal. 1993 83(9):685-687

2230. Risk estimates of HIV and HBV infection to the dental operator via prick accidents.
WH van Palenstein Helderman
Tanzania Dental Journal. 1992 5(1):24-26

2231. Vertically transmitted HIV-l infection in children A report of 23 cases.
I.R. Friedland, M. Snipelisky
South African Medical Journal. 1991 79(2):157-159

2232. HIV-related practices and ethics - survey of opinions in a paediatric department.
I. R. Friedland
South African Medical Journal. 1991 79(5):529-532

2233. Guidelines on sterilization and high level disinfection methods effective against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
B Pasternak
Tanzania Dental Journal. 1989 4(1):25-28

2234. Oral manifestations of AIDS and HIV infection (HIVI).
JFR Hiza
Tanzania Dental Journal. 1989 4(1):22-24

2235. Treating HIV Infection like a Sexually Transmitted Disease.
KJ Pallangyo
Tanzania Dental Journal. 1989 4(1):19-21

2236. The Tanzania dental team's views on HIV - infection and AIDS as a threat.
R Tuominen
Tanzania Dental Journal. 1989 4(1):6-9

2237. How to prevent transmission of HIV in dental practice.
W van Paienstein Helderman
Tanzania Dental Journal. 1989 4(1):3-5

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