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41. Sexually transmitted infections, the silent partner in HIV-infected women in Zimbabwe
Sara Lowe, Tinashe Mudzviti, Ardele Mandiriri, Tinei Shamu, Petronella Mudhokwani, Cleophas Chimbetete, Ruedi Luethy, Margaret Pascoe
Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine. 2019 20(1):

42. HIV status and mortality of surgical inpatients in rural Zimbabwe: A retrospective chart review
Pascal Migaud, Michael Silverman, Paul Thistle
Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine. 2019 20(1):

43. Prevention of mother -to-child transmission of HIV: kno wledge, attitudes and pr actice among pregnant women at Juba Teaching Hospital
Giel Thuok Yoach Thidor, Furaha August
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2019 12(1):12-16

44. How accurately do routinely reported HIV viral load suppression proportions reflect progress towards the 90-90-90 target in the population on antiretroviral treatment in Khayelitsha, South Africa?
J Euvrard, T Schulz, K Hilderbrand, M Bosland, M Osler, A Boulle, M-A. Davies
South African Medical Journal. 2019 109(3):174-177

45. Chronic lung disease and a history of tuberculosis (post-tuberculosis lung disease): Clinical features and in-hospital outcomes in a resource-limited setting with a high HIV burden
P Mkoko, S Naidoo, C Mbanga, F Nomvete, R Muloiwa, S Dlamini
South African Medical Journal. 2019 109(3):169-173

46. Treatment outcomes in perinatally infected HIVpositive adolescents and young adults after ≥10 years on antiretroviral therapy
K. Anderson, R. Muloiwa, M-A Davies
South African Medical Journal. 2019 109(1):27-34

47. Oral Malignant melanoma in an HIV patient
Chrispinus Mumena
Rwanda Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences. 2019 2(1):70-72

48. The effect of demographic variables on the prevention of HIV/AIDS infection among public secondary school students in Abuja
G.O. Anetor, J.I. Onwughalu
Research Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 7(1):57-65

49. Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus, HIV and HBV coinfection and associated factors in pregnant women attending antenatal care at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia
V Sichone, B Vwalika
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2019 46(1):10-18

50. Community-based interventions for preventing diarrhoea in people living with HIV in sub-Sahara Africa: A systematic review
Balwani Chingatichifwe Mbakaya
Malawi Medical Journal. 2019 31(1):86-94

51. Ghana’s HIV epidemic and PEPFAR’s contribution towards epidemic control
Hammad Ali, Frank Amoyaw, Dan Baden, Lizette Durand, Megan Bronson, Andrea Kim, Yoran Grant-Greene, Rubina Imtiaz, Mahesh Swaminathan
Ghana Medical Journal. 2019 53(1):59-62

52. Association between risky sexual behaviour and HIV risk perception among in-school adolescents in a municipality in Ghana
James Afriyie, Maame E Essilfie
Ghana Medical Journal. 2019 53(1):29-36

53. Risk of HIV and associated factors among infants born to HIV-positive women in northwest Ethiopia
Asmamaw Ketemaw Tsehay
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. 2019 33(1):

54. Factors influencing adherence to antiretroviral therapy among people living with HIV in an urban and rural setting, Tanzania
F Mosha, R.Z. Sangeda, D Ocheng, P Risha, V Muchunguzi, J Vercauteren, E Lyamuya, A Vandamme, E Kaale
East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2019 22(1):3-12

55. Integrating Family Planning and HIV Services at the Community Level: Formative Assessment with Village Health Teams in Uganda
Aurélie Brunie, Patricia N.W. Mucheri, Angela Akol, Mario Chen, Sarah J. Mercer, Tricia Petruney
African Journal of Reproductive Health. 2019 23(1):73-80

56. Trends and Determinants of Comprehensive Knowledge of HIV among Adolescents and Young Adults in Nigeria: 2003 - 2013
Ayodeji B. Oginni, Sylvia B. Adebajo, Babatunde A. Ahonsi
African Journal of Reproductive Health. 2019 23(1):26-34

57. Community perceptions affecting uptake & retention on antiretroviral therapy by PLHIV: a qualitative study among residents of an urban informal settlement in Kenya
Rose Patricia Oluoch, David Mutinda, Mohammed Karama, Joseph Oundo, Zipporah Nganga
African Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 32(1):82-92

58. Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis impact on Cd4+ cells & infection reduction in HAART naïve HIV infected adults in our urban population, Kenya
G Kirigi, R Juma, P Otieno, R Omollo, A Sulleh, B.C. Mutai, S Muiruri
African Journal of Health Sciences. 2019 32(1):18-26

59. Prevalence of Hepatitis C virus and HIV among adults presenting for health screening in Lagos
P.O. Oshun, E Odeghe
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2019 20(2):143-149

60. Precancerous lesions of cervix among women infected with HIV in Referral Hospitals of Amhara Region, Northwest Ethiopia: a cross sectional study
Limenih Simachew Kassa, Worke Mulugeta Dile, Gebresilasie Kahsay Zenebe, Abadi Marta Berta
African Health Sciences. 2019 19(1):1695-1704

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