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61. Invasive cervical cancer in Ibadan: socio-sexual characteristics, clinical stage at presentation, histopathology distributions and HIV status.
Olutosin A. Awolude, Sunday O. Oyerinde
African Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2019 13(1):32-38

62. Elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (eMTCT) in Western Nigeria: how far have we gone?.
S.O. Usman, G.B. Agboola, A.J. Afe, G.P. Olubayo, T. Akinmurele, O.T Oluwaniyi, O.O Abodunde, O. Adeola, M. Onyema
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2019 20(1):42-48

63. Roles of background characteristics in HIV and alcohol use prevention among school learners: the HAPS Project
Godswill Nwabuisi Osuafor, Chinwe Edith Okoli
African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies. 2018 17(2):79-92

64. Procalcitonin kinetics in the first 48 hours of ICU admission is associated with higher mortality in critically ill patients with community-acquired pneumonia in a setting of high HIV prevalence
K Naidoo, K De Vasconcellos, D.L. Skinner
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. 2018 24(5):128-134

65. Intimate partner violence among HIV-serodiscordant couples in Durban, South Africa
S Mashaphu, G.E. Wyatt, E Gomo, A Tomita
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(11):

66. Anorectal malformations and the impact of HIV on surgical outcome
T.D. Gabler, J Loveland, A Theron, C Westgarth-Taylor
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(11):947-952

67. Feeding patterns of infants admitted with lower respiratory tract infections in an HIV-endemic area
S Muhomud, K.L. Naidoo, V Naidoo, R Masekela
South African Journal of Child Health. 2018 12(4):154-158

68. Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices of HIV post exposure prophylaxis among the doctors and nurses in Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone: a cross-sectional study
Peter Bareki, Tenego Tenego
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 30(1):

69. Evaluation of non-adherence to anti-retroviral therapy, the associated factors and infant outcomes among HIV-positive pregnant women: a prospective cohort study in Lesotho
Ngomba Kadima, Tejan Baldeh, Kyaw Thin, Lehana Thabane, Lawrence Mbuagbaw
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 30(1):

70. Serosurvey and factors associated with Leishmania donovani infection in febrile HIV infected individuals attending Abuja Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
I.N. Abdullahi, H.A. Shuwa, A.U. Emeribe, L.O. Olayemi, T Yunusa, A.E. Ahmad, P.O. Musa
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2018 45(4):216-225

71. Trends in prevalence of HIV infection: a 4-year review of the general population in Plateau State, Nigeria
F.A. Magaji, A.N. Ocheke, V.C. Pam, T Afolaramin, J Musa, A.S. Sagay, A.I. Zoakah
Jos Journal of Medicine. 2018 12(2):1-8

72. Incidence of anaemia among HIV-infected patients treated with zidovudine-containing antiretroviral therapy in northeastern Nigeria
N.Y. Ikunaiye, B.A. Denue, R Aderemi-Williams, H.E. Rawizza
Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine. 2018 16(2):115-124

73. Burden of cytopaenias among HIV positive pregnant women at the University College Hospital, Ibadan
O.A. Adesina, F Fasola, O Adekanbi, B Ogunbosi, J Akinyemi, M.A. Kuti, O Michael, A Fayemiwo, O Awolude, I Adewole
Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine. 2018 16(2):99-108

74. Self-efficacy and antiretroviral therapy adherence among HIV positive pregnant women in South-West Nigeria: a mixed methods study.
Oluwabusayo H. Aregbesola, Ikeola A. Adeoye
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. 2018 20(4):

75. HIV seroprevalence and factors affecting clinical outcomes among patients with surgical acute abdomen in selected hospitals in Mwanza, north-western in Tanzania.
Praveen Sravanam, Alicia Massenga, Merchades Bugimbi, Mariam M Mirambo, Phillipo L. Chalya
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. 2018 20(4):

76. Can routine inpatient mortality data improve HIV mortality estimates? Inpatient mortality at an urban hospital in South Africa.
L.C. Long, D.H. Evans, S Rosen, C Sauls, A.T. Brennan, I.M. Sanne, M.P. Fox
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(10):870-875

77. What do South African adolescents want in a sexual health service? Evidence from the South African Studies on HIV in Adolescents (SASHA) project.
P Smith, R Marcus, T Bennie, B Nkala, M Nchabeleng, MH Latka, G Gray, M Wallace, L-G Bekker
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(8):

78. CLINICAL UPDATE Changes to the World Health Organization guideline on hormonal contraceptive eligibility for women at high risk of HIV: South African perspective and response.
Z Nene, GJ Hofmeyr, M Patel, M Panday, H Rees, M Makua
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(8):

79. Unmet needs of high-risk mothers reduce success of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected infants.
Zodumo Mvo, Vuyokazi Ntlantsana, Nomonde Bengu, Jane Millar, Julia Roider, Roopesh Bhoola, Malini Krishna, Yeney Graza, Jeroen van Lobenstein, Constant Kapongo, Chinniah Kogielambal, Ken Sprenger, Moherndran Archary, Thumbi Ndung?u, Philip Goulder
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(8):

80. Variation in HIV prevalence and the population-level effects of antiretroviral therapy in reducing tuberculosis incidence in South Africa.
R Sloot, GJ Maarman, M Osman, FM Marx
South African Medical Journal. 2018 108(8):

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