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21. Letter to Editor: What every physician should know about the national guidelines for the control and management of sickle cell disease and the parent handbook for sickle cell disease in Nigeria.
O.S. Olatunya, A.D. Adekile
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2017 20(1):123-125

22. Letter to the Editor.
H Yahya, GI Ayuba
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2017 20(2):264-265

23. Letters to the Editor: Adherence to iron supplementation in pregnancy.
Mohammed El Amine Ghembaza, Ali Louinici, Ayotunde Titilayo, Martin E. Palamuleni, Olusola Omisakin
Malawi Medical Journal. 2017 29(1):66

24. Letters to the editors.
Navin K. Devaraj
Malawi Medical Journal. 2017 29(3):276-277

25. Letter to the Editor: North African physicians’ perspectives on the challenges facing medical research.
Jamal Zekri, Jalil U. Rehman
Malawi Medical Journal. 2017 29(4):327-329

26. Letter to the Editor: Myoepithelial carcinoma of the male breast.
Vipul D. Yagnik
Internet Journal of Medical Update - EJOURNAL. 2017 12(2):16

27. Letter to the Editor: The appropriate rainfall to development of Zika Virus: an Indonesian case.
Ramadhan Tosepu
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2017 27(1):104-105

28. Letter tot he Editor: Rainfall and Development of Zika Virus.
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2017 27(6):682

29. Letter to the Editor.
Rajesh Kamath
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. 2017 31(3):116-117

30. Letter to the Editor.
Mirgissa Kaba
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. 2017 31(4):

31. Letter to the Editor: First report of an OXA-58 carbapenemase-producing Acinetobacter baumannii isolated fromurinary tract infection, in Morocco.
S Natoubi, A Barguigua, N Zerhouni, N Baghdad, M Timinouni, A Hilali, S Amghar, K Zerouali
African Journal of Urology. 2017 23(1):66-67

32. Letter to editor: Emerging epidemic of drug resistant tuberculosis in vulnerable populations of developing countries.
Hafiza Jawairia Hashmi, Hasnain Javed, Nazia Jamil
African Health Sciences. 2017 17(2):599-602

33. Letter to editor: Humidity is an ambient parameter to development of Zika virus: an Indonesian case.
Ramadhan Tosepu
African Health Sciences. 2017 17(2):597-598

34. Letter to the editor: The impact of introducing drug labelling at Grey’s Hospital Theatre over a six-month period.
Reitze Rodseth, Zane Farina
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. 2016 22(3):32

35. Letter to the Editor: The idea of adequacy.
Gary Simpson
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia. 2016 22(3):31

36. Letter to the Editor: Feedback after continuous assessment: An essential element of students’ learning in medical education.
H.O. Olasoji
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2016 19(5):692-694

37. Report (Tropical Doctor) Letter from ... Malawi: the first year of the College of Medicine of the University of Malawi.
Geoffrey W. Dahlenburg
Malawi Medical Journal. 2016 28(3):84-86

38. Letter to the Editor.
Iman Bugaighis, Asma El-Howati, Ahmed S. Ali Elmusrati, Arheiam Arheiam
Libyan Journal of Medicine. 2016 11(1):1-2

39. Letter to Editor.
Helen O. Ogefere, Christopher A. Egbe
Libyan Journal of Medicine. 2016 11(1):

40. Letter from the editor.
G.S Tawe
Jos Journal of Medicine. 2016 10(2):vi

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