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61. Letter to Editor.
S Acharya, A Gupta, C Kulkarni, SN Mahajan
Internet Journal of Medical Update - EJOURNAL. 2015 10(2):46-47

62. Letter to the editor:Are the undergradute medical students well-informed of organ transplantation?.
S Ravindra, N Kumar, SD Shetty, A Guru
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2015 25(1):108

63. Letter to the Editor.
M Saadat
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. 2015 16(2):205-206

64. Letter to the Editor.
Nazurah Alwi, Dzalani Harun, JH Leonard
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. 2015 16(4):393-394

65. Letter to Editor.
W Kieran
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(1):86

66. Letter to Editor: Immunization Dropout Rates: Some Issues.
AB Mane
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(2):153

67. Letter to Editor: Amalgam Contact Hypersensitivity Lesion: An Unusual Presentation”‘Report of a Rare Case.
SMJ Mortazavi, G Mortazavi
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(2):152

68. Letter to Editor: Predictors of Urinary Tract Infections in Nursing Students in India.
KV Ramana
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(3):228-228

69. Letter to Editor: Staphylococcal Blood Stream Infections in Cancer Patients.
NH Ahmed, FK Baruah, RK Grover
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(3):226-227

70. Letter to Editor.
Kalaiselvi Selvaraj, Pruthu Thekkur, Palanivel Chinnakali
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. 2015 5(6):485-486

71. LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Toward overcoming the challenges facing biomedical analyses.
A Ghanemi
Alexandria Journal of Medicine. 2015 51(3):277–278

72. Letter to the Editor: How to define a pharmacological or a toxic food?.
Abdelaziz Ghanemi
Alexandria Journal of Medicine. 2015 51(4):359–360

73. Letter to the Editor: Platelet indices evaluation in patients with liver cirrhosis: methodological drawbacks.
E Varol
African Health Sciences. 2015 15(1):310-311

74. Letter to the Editor: Bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation in out of hospital cardiac arrest: need of the hour.
G Mani, K Annadurai, R Danasekaran
African Health Sciences. 2015 15(1):307-309

75. Letters to the Editor: An Ophthalmoscope for under USD$10?.
Keir E.J. Philip, Henry G. Tufton, Sarah Prentice, Kayula Chansa
Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2014 22(1):57

76. Letters to the Editor: Delay in surgical uptake for cataract services in a pediatric population in Cross River State, Nigeria.
Roseline Duke
Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2014 22(1):56

77. Letter to the Editor.
Amra Nadarevic Vodencarevic
Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2014 22(2):97

78. Letter to Editor.
T. S. Oluleye, B. A. Olusanya
Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2014 22(2):95-96

79. Letter to the Editor: Cetuximab-induced esophageal ulcer: The first report in literature.
O Balakan, K Altundag
Libyan Journal of Medicine. 2014 9(1):

80. Letter to the Editor: Toxicology services in Libya: The present and the future.
R Saleh, A Kamour
Libyan Journal of Medicine. 2014 9(1):

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