Items: 636

621. Morbidity from falciparum malaria in Natal/KwaZulu.
P.N. Soni, B.L. Sharp, S Ngxongo, V Gatidram
South African Medical Journal. 1993 83(2):110-112

622. Are anticardiolipin antibodies responsible for some of the complications of severe acute Plasmodium falciparum malaria?.
P.N. Soni, C.C. de Bruyn, J Duursma, B.L. Sharp, D.J. Pudifin
South African Medical Journal. 1993 83(9):660-662

623. Cotrimoxazole for childhood febrile illness in Malaria-endemic regions.
PB Bloland, SC Redd, PN Kazembe, R Tembenu, JJ Wirima, CC Campbell
Malawi Medical Journal. 1992 8(1):29-30

624. Serum levels of DDT and liver function of malaria control personnel.
H. Bouwman, R.M. Cooppan, M.J. Botha, P.J. Becker
South African Medical Journal. 1991 79(3):326-329

625. Chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria in the Kavango region of Namibia.
B. L. Sharp, J. A. Freese
South African Medical Journal. 1990 78(9):322-323

626. Malaria at Johannesburg Hospital A retrospective study.
K. T. Jairam, F. S. E. Monteagudo, S.L. Moch, I Havlik
South African Medical Journal. 1990 78(10):467-469

627. Malaria Symposium - Opening Address.
HW Snyman
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(5):

628. Recent Experiences with Severe and Cerebral Malaria.
AD Mitchell
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

629. The Use of Antimalarial Drugs.
CF Hansford
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

630. Malaria Control in the Northern Transvaal.
CF Hansford
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

631. Some Pharmacological Aspects of Antimalarial Drugs.
D Botha
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

632. Fundamental Facts Concerning Malaria North-Eastern Transvaal.
DH Hooey
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

633. Forty Years of Malaria Control in Natal and Zululand.
AS Nethercott
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

634. An Anthropologist Looks at Malaria.
PV Tobias
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

635. Dragtigheidsdata van Anopheles gambiae Giles en malaria-uitwissing in die transvaal.
J.J. Steyn, C.J.H. Brink, H.P. Botha, H.M. Pretorius, H.J. Combrink, A. Vosloo
South African Medical Journal. 1959 33(8):679-680

636. Malaria control in the Northern Transvaal.
C.J.H. Brink
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(8):

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