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1. Development and evaluation of pediatric orally disintegrating paracetamol tablets
N.N.M. Nyamweya, S.G. Ngugi
East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2019 22(2):37-44

2. C - reactive protein and urinary tract infection due to Gram-negative bacteria in a pediatric population at a tertiary hospital, Mwanza, Tanzania
Martha F Mushi, Vaileth G Alex, Mwanaisha Seugendo, Vitus Silago, Stephen E Mshana
African Health Sciences. 2019 19(4):3217-3224

3. Valproic acid-induced nocturnal enuresis in pediatric Patients
K. Ozan, Y. Coskun, C.K. Bora, Y. Ayten
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019 22(1):

4. Membrane endothelial protein C receptor expression in renal tissue of pediatric lupus nephritis patients
Magid A. Fattah Ibrahim, Shereen S. El-Sayed, Ragia M. Said, Mona A. Ismail, Naglaa S. Ahmed, Nesrine M. Radwan
Egyptian Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (The). 2019 17(1):37-44

5. Double negative alpha beta T cells in pediatric hemophagocytic syndromes
Elham M. Hossny, Rasha H. El-Owaidy, Hanaa M. Afifi, Hadeer R. Ahmed
Egyptian Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (The). 2019 17(1):13-19

6. Pediatric cataract surgery outcomes in Kano, Nigeria
Sunday O. Abuh, Rosie Brennan, Nathan Congdon, Ling Jin
Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology. 2018 26(1):

7. Recurrent oral squamous papilloma in a pediatric patient: Case report and review of the literature
O.O. Orenuga, A Oluwo, R.T. Oluwakuyide, A.B. Olawuyi
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(12):1674-1677

8. Patterns of acute poisoning among pediatric patients at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi between 2014 and 2017
K.A. Sinei, L.W. Nduni
East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2018 21(1-3):16-20

9. Subclinical Atherosclerosis and Impaired Cardiac Autonomic Control in Pediatric Patients with Vitamin B12 Deficiency.
SF Celik, E elik
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(8):1012-1016.

10. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with genotyping method among human immunodeficiency virus positive pediatric patients in Northwest Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study design.
Yohannes Zenebe, Martha Tibebu, Begna Tulu, Daniel Mekonnen, Zewdie Mekonnen
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. 2018 32(3):

11. Enhanced recovery protocols versus traditional methods after resection and reanastomosis in gastrointestinal surgery in pediatric patients.
Mohamed Fathy, Mohamed M. Khedre, Mohamed A.M. Nagaty, Naser M. Zaghloul
Annals of Pediatric Surgery. 2018 14(4):214–217

12. Predicting surgical outcome of pediatric percutaneous nephrolithotomy.
Abdelrahman I. Ebeid, Hisham A. Elhelaly, Gamal I. Selmy, Hussein Galal
Annals of Pediatric Surgery. 2018 14(3):174-177

13. Early outcome of pediatric pyeloplasty in kidneys with split renal function less than 10%: A prospective study of 25 cases.
A.Y. Abdelaziz, H. Shaker, H. Aly, H. Aldaqados, E.M. Hussein
African Journal of Urology. 2018 24(4):324-330

14. Molecular characterization of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from pediatric burns patients in an Iranian hospital.
Abazar Pournajaf, Ramazan Rajabnia, Shabnam Razavi, Sana Solgi, Abdollah Ardebili, Sajad Yaghoubi, Mahmoud Khodabandeh, Yousef Yahyapour, Behzad Emadi, Gholamreza Irajian
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2018 17(1):135-141

15. Risk Factors for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Ambulatory Dental Treatment.
O Kocaturk
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018 21(5):597-602

16. Carriage of multidrug-resistant bacteria among pediatric patients before and during their hospitalization in a tertiary pediatric unit in Tunisia.
Miniar Tfifha, Asma Ferjani, Manel Mallouli, Nesrine Mlika, Saoussen Abroug, Jalel Boukadida
Libyan Journal of Medicine. 2018 13(1):

17. Trends and Outcomes of Emergency Pediatric Surgical Admissions from a Tertiary Hospital in Ethiopia.
Temesgen Firomsa, Muluwork Teferra, Amezene Tadesse
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2018 28(3):251-258

18. Pediatric urinary tract infection as a cause of outpatient clinic visits in southern Ethiopia: a cross sectional study.
Enkosilassie Mitiku, Anteneh Amsalu, Birkneh Tilahun Tadesse
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 2018 28(2):187-196

19. Multiplex polymerase chain reaction: Could change diagnosis of Ventilator-associated pneumonia in pediatric critical care units to the fast track?.
Mervat Gamal Eldin Mansour, Sherin Albendary
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. 2018 19(2):135-139

20. Decision-making in pediatric persistent Mullerian duct syndrome.
Ameer Al-Hadidi, Ismael Nassar, Wael Amro, Ahmad Shaltaf, Nathan Novotny
Annals of Pediatric Surgery. 2018 14(1):24-26

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