Items: 428

421. The pharmacology of recombinant hirudin, a new anticoagulant.
B.H. Meyer, H.G. Luus, F.O. Muller, P.N. Badenhorst, H.J. Rothig
South African Medical Journal. 1990 78(9):268-270

422. Epidural and intramuscular pethidine - a pharmacokinetic study.
K. A. Payne
South African Medical Journal. 1983 68(6):193-195

423. Importance of Pharmacokinetics and Dosage in digoxin maintenance therapy.
PH Joubert, FO Moller, DF Pansergrouw
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(5):

424. Some Pharmacological Aspects of Antimalarial Drugs.
D Botha
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

425. Origins of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Cape of Good Hope.
CH Price
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(6):

426. Pharmacology and Toxicology of Metiamide, a Histamine H2 - Receptor Antagonist.
R. W. Brimblecombe, W.A.M. Duncan, M.E. Parsons
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(11):2253-2255

427. The Pharmacology of Malnutrition Part I. Salicylate Binding Studies Using Normal Serum/Plasma and Kwashiorkor serum.
C. Eyberg, G.P. Moodley, N. Buchanan
South African Medical Journal. 1973 47(12):2564-2567

428. Plastics in Pharmacy and Medicine.
TJ McCarthy
South African Medical Journal. 1971 45(1):

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