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21. Community acquired pneumococcal pneumonia in northwestern Nigeria: epidemiology, antimicrobial resistance and outcome.
Garba Iliyasu, Farouq Dayyab Mohammad, Abdulrazaq Garba Habib
African Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2018 12(1):15-19

22. First molecular investigation of capsular serotyping and hypervirulent (hvlp) of K. Pneumoniae in university hospital center of yopougon cote d'ivoire.
A. M?lan-Britoh, S. Meité, C. Boni, F. Zaba, K. S. Koffi, N. Guessennd, N. S. Kakou, H. Faye- Kette, M. Dosso
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2018 19(1):70-75

23. Prognostic value of vitamin D in patients with pneumonia: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Yu mei Wang, Chen ling Tang, Ming Che, Xiu qin Wang, Ai chun Li
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. 2017 16(9):2267-2273

24. Adenovirus-associated pneumonia in South African children: Presentation, clinical course and outcome.
M Zampoli, Z Mukuddem-Sablay
South African Medical Journal. 2017 107(2):123-126

25. Prevalence, histopathological findings and aerobic bacteria flora associated with pneumopathies in goats slaughtered at the Nsukka abattoir.
I.C. Ugochukwu, S.V. Shoyinka, C.N. Chineme, K.F. Chah
Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2017 15(Special issue):46-52

26. Catamenial pneumothorax revealing diaphragmatic endometriosis: a case report and revue of literature.
Sana Aissa, Wafa Benzarti, Faouzi Alimi, Imen Gargouri, Halima Ben Salem, Amène Aissa, Khadija Fathallah, Atef Ben Abdelkade, Rafika Alouini, Abdelhamid Garrouche, Abdelaziz Hayoun, Ahmed Abdelghani, Mohamed Benzarti
Pan African Medical Journal. 2017 27(1):

27. Pneumoblastome de l’adulte: rapport d’un nouveau cas et revue de la litterature.
Mustapha Azzakhmam, Fouad Zouaidia, Ahmed Jahidd, Zakia Bernoussi, Kaoutar Znati, Asmae Lakhdissi, Mohamed Bouchikh, Najat Mahassini
Pan African Medical Journal. 2017 28(1):

28. Hypoxemia after pneumothorax exsufflation: a case report.
William Ngatchou, Gildas-paulin Yondou Sandjo, Daniel Lemogoum, Pierre Youatou, Ahmed Sabry Ramadan, Regis Sontou, Maimouna Bol Alima, Alain Plumaker, Virginie Guimfacq, Pierre Mols, Michèle Ngassa
Pan African Medical Journal. 2017 28(1):

29. Uncommon mixed outbreak of pneumococcal and meningococcal meningitis in Jirapa District, Upper West Region, Ghana, 2016.
Nuoh R Domo, Culbert Nuolabong, Kofi M Nyarko, Ernest Kenu, Phoebe Balagumyetime, Godfrey Konnyebal, Charles L Noora, Kofi D. Ameme, Fred Wurapa, Edwin Afari
Ghana Medical Journal. 2017 51(4):149-155

30. Comparison of multiplex reverse transcription-PCR-enzyme hybridization assay with immunofluorescence techniques for the detection of four viral respiratory pathogens in pediatric community acquired pneumonia.
Mervat Gamal Eldin Mansour, Sherin Albendary
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. 2017 18(4):355–358

31. Radiological diagnosis of pneumoperitoneum in children with typhoid intestinal perforation.
Lofty-John C. Anyanwu, Aminu M. Mohammad, Mohammed K. Saleh, Lawal B. Abdullahi, Aliyu U. Farinyaro, Stephen K. Obaro
East and Central African Journal of Surgery. 2017 22(2):63-71

32. The antibacterial effect of Urena lobata L. fromv guangxi on mice with Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia.
Yufang Yang, Zhenguang Huang, Xiaoqin Zou, Xiaobin Zhong, Xueyan Liang, Jinling Zhou
African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines. 2017 14(1):73-88

33. Epidemiologic characteristics of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates in ventilator-associated pneumonia in intensive care units.
A.A. El Sharkawy, M.A. Mansour, H.M. Helmy, D.M. Abd El Azeem
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2017 18(1):11-20

34. Survival after Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia requiring ventilation: A case report.
Gladness Nethathe, Nirav Patel
Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine. 2016 17(1):

35. Reducing paediatric ventilator-associated pneumonia i a South African challenge!.
H Kunzmann, K Dimitriades, B Morrow, A Argent
Southern African Journal of Critical Care. 2016 32(1):17-20

36. Household air pollution and childhood pneumonia in South Sudan: Will clean cooking stoves reduce the incidence and mortality?.
Gasim Omer Elkhalifa Abd-Elfarag, Charles O.C. Langoya
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2016 9(2):36-39

37. Empirical antimicrobial therapy for probable v. directed therapy for possible ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically injured patients.
Y Ramsamy, DJJ Muckart, JL Bruce, TC Hardcastle, KSS Han, KP Mlisana
South African Medical Journal. 2016 106(2):196-200

38. Guest Editorial-Childhood pneumonia: The Drakenstein child health study.
Heather J Zar, Whitney Barnett, Landon Myer, Mark P Nicol
South African Medical Journal. 2016 106(7):642-643

39. An analysis of national data on care-seeking behaviour by parents of children with suspected pneumonia in Nigeria.
M B Abdulkadir, Z A Abdulkadir, W B R Johnson
South African Journal of Child Health. 2016 10(1):92-95

40. Trend of invasive pneumococal disease (IPD) in a South Western, Nigerian hospital.
Babatunde Olanrewaju Motayo, Olusola Akingbade, Victor Nwadike, Olabode Shobayo, Joseph Ogiogwa, Akiniyi Akinduti, Iheanyi Okonko
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016 23(1):

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