Research Journal of Health Sciences. Vol 5, No 3 (2017):159-166

A multi-site assessment of knowledge of Ebola virus disease among health workers in south-west Nigeria.
A.O. Joseph, A.Y. Mohammed, A Raji, E Atolagbe, A Joseph, K Kadiri

Objective: Nigeria may have been certified free from Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by the World Health Organization, but not without its aftermath on many, especially among health workers who came in contact with the infected during the West African outbreak in 2014.This study was conducted among health workers in three tertiary hospitals in South-West Nigeria. It aimed at assessing their knowledge of EVD in a bid to forestall future contagion from patients.Method: 600 consenting participants selected through two-stage sampling method were involved in the study. Primary data was retrieved through self-administered questionnaire.Results: Majority (84.0%) of the participants knew that EVD can be contacted through blood and bodily fluid of an infected person, (78.0%) knew that EVD can be prevented by avoiding contact with an infected person, while (76.0%) identified bleeding from orifices as one of the signs of EVD. However, (6.0%) of the participants did not know how EVD can be prevented.Conclusion: Result showed that participants have average knowledge of EVD and therefore, are not adequately informed of EVD. The study recommended wider dissemination of adequate information on EVD among health workers in tertiary hospitals to forestall future contagion of the infection from patients.Keywords: Knowledge, EVD, Contagion, Outbreak, Prevention, Bleeding

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