East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Vol 20, No 1-3 (2017):3-12

Production capacity of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Kenya.
S.K. Vugigi, G.N. Thoithi, J.I. Ogaji, S.O. Onuonga

This study aimed to determine the production capacity in the Kenyan pharmaceutical industry and to forecast the year for full capacity utilization. Data was collected on installed, available and utilized capacities in this industry for the period 2010???2014, using a structured questionnaire. Six dosage forms namely tablets, capsules, oral liquids, external preparations, dry powders and oral rehydration salts were evaluated. Projection of capacity utilization was performed using time series forecasting method. The available capacity in billions was 29.3 tablets, 2.3 capsules, 0.4 bottles of oral liquids, 0.1 tubes of external preparations, 0.1 bottles of dry powders and 0.1 sachets of oral rehydration salts. In 2014, the overall utilized capacity was 27.4 %. The study showed that production capacity was underutilized. However, overall utilized capacity increased steadily during the five years. The forecasted year for achieving full capacity utilization for the manufactured dosage forms was 2043.Keywords: Pharmaceutical manufacturing, production capacity, installed, utilized

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