East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Vol 22, No 1 (2019):13-19

Relationship marketing practices in community pharmacies in south-western Nigeria
K.P. Osemene, R.M. Ihekoronye

Information on components of effective relationship marketing for community pharmacies is scarce in Nigeria. This study examined and determined components of relationship marketing that were most effective in fostering customer loyalty. A cross-sectional survey of 40 randomly selected community pharmacies was undertaken. Purposive sampling technique was then used to select 160 community pharmacies staff while 510 of their customers were selected by accidental sampling. Obtained data was analysed by descriptive statistics, Spearman???s rank, factor and binary logistic regression analysis. Results revealed a positive relationship (rho=0.68, p<0.05) between RM and customer loyalty. The RM activities were not systematic but ranged from providing loyalty gifts (87.5%), regular health tips (50%) to special attention to the elderly and physically challenged customers (35.7%). The RM variables that contributed significantly to customer loyalty were accessibility (2.875), conflict handling (2.753), communication (2.731), competence (2.060), trust (2.368) and commitment (1.922) with social RM practices yielding optimal results. Communication and accessibility therefore hold the highest promise for community pharmacists to create loyal customers.Keywords: Customer loyalty, Relationship marketing, Community pharmacies, Nigeria

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