Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. Vol 28, No 5 (2018):

Barriers, Facilitators, Process and Sources of Evidence for Evidence- Based Management among Health Care Managers: A Qualitative Systematic Review
Edris Hasanpoor, Sakineh Hajebrahimi, Ali Janati, Zahra Abedini, Elaheh Haghgoshayie

BACKGROUND: Evidence-based management (EBMgt) improves managerial decisions as a bridge from theory to practice. For reason that it has a critical impact on organization performance. The purpose of this study was to identify factors affecting EBMgtamong managers.METHODS: The following electronic databases were used: PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane, ProQuest, Embase and Scopus. In addition, we searched Google Scholar, Emerald, Academy of Management (AOM), and the website for the Center nfor Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) for articles related to EBMgt. We used data sources published up to September 2017, without language restriction. We appraised the methodologicalquality of studies using the checklists of SRQR and MMAT. The synthesis involved interpretative analysis based on the principles of meta-synthesis.RESULTS: Of 26,011 identified studies, 26 met the full inclusion criteria. Of the 26 studies assessed, the frequency of qualitative studies and mixed-methods were 20 and 6, respectively, and the quality of 3 studies was weak. A total of 23 studies from 7 countries were included: Canada (n=8), USA (n=6), Australia (n=4), UK (n=3), Iran (n=1, Brazil (n=1); none were from Africa. Meta-synthesis findings of 23 studies identified four main factors: facilitators (5 main themes), barriers (5 main themes), sources of evidence (4 main themes), and the process of decision making in EBMgt (1 main theme).CONCLUSIONS: EBMgt is crucial to improve the quality of management decisions, and hence, to improve service delivery, effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, to increase the benefit and utilization of EBMgt, training organizations and research institutes must more actively involve managers in setting research plans.

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