Research Journal of Health Sciences. Vol 7, No 1 (2019):1-9

A systematic review of the impact of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria
O.N. Awojobi

Objectives: To determine the impact of NHIS, this study conducted a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature.Methods: A broad literature search was undertaken on Google Web and Google Scholar for studies published between 2013 and 2018. A total of fourteen studies met the inclusion criteria. Thirteen studies are qualitative, and one is quantitative. They included neither experiment nor quasi-experimental design in the review.Results: Outcomes observed in the review were summarised qualitatively owning to study sample, data collection technique and impact measures. Generally, most studies reported the impact of NHIS on various variables; the most significant impact was on financial protection and healthcare utilisation. Other impacts observed were of mixed outcomes and of low quality.Conclusion: The impacts recorded in this review showed that workers in the formal sector are the beneficiaries while the poor informal sector workers are excluded from the services of NHIS. The Nigerian government needs to reform the NHIS to include the poor if it is serious about enhancing Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC).Keywords: Enrolees, NHIS, systematic review

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