Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. Vol 29, No 6 (2019):

A Giant Egg-like symptomatic Loose Body in the Peritoneal Cavity: A Case Report
Berhanetsehay Teklewold, Anteneh Kehaliw, Melat Teka, Bereket Berhane

Background: Peritoneal loose bodies are rare lesions that are usually found as an incidental finding during abdominal surgery. Large loose bodies, measuring more than 5 cm, are rare and only a few cases are reported in the literature. Peritoneal loose bodies are usually infarcted appendices epiploicae, which become detached and appear as a peritoneal loose body in the abdominal cavity.Case Presentation: We report here the first case, in the local Ethiopian context, of a giant ???egg-like??? loose peritoneal body measuring 7 ?? 6 cm found in a 50-year-old man who presented with a cramping abdominal pain and features of abdominal obstruction. The current hypothesis as regards these bodies and the diagnostic challenges is discussed.Conclusion: Small peritoneal loose bodies are common but giant and symptomatic ones???, like the one discussed here, are very rare and a diagnostic challenge. And, in the context of intestinal obstruction, a high index of suspicion is needed in order to diagnose them.

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