Ghana Medical Journal. Vol 53, No 4 (2019):308-311

Revascularization of post-traumatic leg amputation: a case report
Isaac Okyere, Vincent Ativor, Perditer Okyere

There are few reports on lower extremity revascularization because of its high risks of general and local complications as well as poor functional prognosis. However, revascularization of the traumatically amputated lower extremity is a technically feasible surgical undertaking if there can be effective collaboration between the orthopaedic surgeon and the vascular surgeon. Successful outcome is usually judged by functional achievements of the patient toward returning to the preinjury level. Appropriate patient selection significantly increases the potential for obtaining a satisfactory outcome. We report the successful revascularization of a near amputation of the right leg of a young man who wasknocked down accidentally by a speeding taxi leading to mangled and near amputation of his right leg. He underwent successful revascularization and currently doing well, one year after the surgery. Successful revascularization is possible if indicated in less resource countries especially if there is an experienced team of vascular and orthopaedic surgeons.Keywords: Revascularization, leg, trauma, amputation, repairFunding: None

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