Jos Journal of Medicine. Vol 13, No 1 (2019):76-80

A case report of pulmonary tuberculosis with extensively calcified empyema thoracis drained under image guidance
A.J. Salaam, P.O. Ibinaiye, S.M. Danjem, A.A. Salaam

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a chronicgranulomatous disease that affects the lung parenchyma and prevalent in developing countries. Empyema thoracis, otherwise known as pus in the pleural cavity, has become an associated, though uncommon, complication with the emergence of Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV).We present a case of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) investigated radiologically and found to be complicated by extensive left pleural calcifications and empyema thoracis that was drained under ultrasound guidance.Keywords: Empyema thoracis, image guided drainage, PTB

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