Medical Journal of Zambia. Vol 46, No 2 (2019):147-152

Testicular tuberculosis: a rarely thought of diagnosis
Muchemwa Levy, Lungu Patrick, Aaron Shibemba, Keith Simfukwe, Evans Malyangu, Mwaba Peter, Silumbe Michael

Mycobacterium tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs but it can also affect other organs in which it is known as Extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB). The prevalence of genitourinary TB globally and including Tuberculosis (TB) in endemic areas is under reported. Like all forms of EPTB, testicular TB has no pathognomic feature. In the abscence of microbiological diagnosis, a constellation of clinical presentation, with investigation such as ultrasonography, histology and response to anti tuberculous drugs alongside a high index of suspicion is obliging in making the diagnosis. The diagnosis of testicular TB is often missed or delayed. We present an advanced case of testicular TB with good response to anti tuberculous drugs.

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