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601. Deaths associated with anaethesia and surgery.
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(2):

602. The problem of wound shock and resuscitation in relation to the surgery of repair.
JH Louw
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(3):

603. Regional analgesia in surgery.
M. Arnold
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(8):

604. The prevention of post-operative ulcer after surgery for duodenal ulcer.
H.J. Besselaar
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(9):

605. Continued morbidity after mitral valve surgery.
M.M. Zion, J.L. Braudo
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(9):

606. National group of neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery: President's report.
B. Crowhurst Archer
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(11):

607. Hypothermia: Its uses in modern cardiovascular surgery.
Denis N. Fuller
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(11):1028-1033

608. Reviews of books: Clinical neurosurgery.
Claudia Naidu
South African Medical Journal. 1958 32(12):

609. Open Heart Surgery.
Walter L. Phillips
South African Medical Journal. 1957 31(10):1072-1075

610. Surgery of the gall-bladder and the common bile-duct.
CAR Schulenburg
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(2):

611. The place of thrombendarterectomy in vascular surgery.
M.A. Lautre
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(3):

612. Cerebral palsy: the place of neurosurgery.
J.F.P. Erasmus
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(4):363-366

613. The difficulties and dangers of cardiovascular surgery with an arrested circulation.
Paul Marchand, J.C. Allan
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(6):

614. Editorial: Surgery in hereditary haemorrhagic states.
Claudia Naidu
South African Medical Journal. 1956 30(9):855-858

615. Revision series: X. The surgery of ano-rectal conditions including haemorrhoids.
Samuel Skapinker
South African Medical Journal. 1955 29(4):

616. Determination of blood volume by a simple accurate technique and its application in assessing patients for major surgery.
W.M. Politzer, Z.M. Smit, A.E. Kark, A.J. Leonsins
South African Medical Journal. 1955 29(6):612-617

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