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21. Pulmonary tuberculosis: a differential diagnostic priority in unprovoked deep venous thrombosis patients with haemoptysis.
Nahid Azdaki, Seyedali Moezi, Marjan Farzad
Pan African Medical Journal. 2018 29(1):1-5

22. Haemostatic indices as markers for monitoring pulmonary tuberculosis treatment.
Patience A. Akpan, Josephine O. Akpotuzor, Eme E. Osim
Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences. 2018 33(1):31-35

23. Peritoneal tuberculosis mimicking peritoneal carcinomatosis.
A Martynov, M.S. Saleeb, Y.M. Saleeb, M.M. Kerolos, M.M. Zaki
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2018 45(3):157-161

24. Risk assessment of tuberculosis laboratories and biosafety practices among laboratory health workers in two selected states in Nigeria.
A.O. Adeoti, O.O. Desalu, J.O. Fadare
Medical Journal of Zambia. 2018 45(2):64-71

25. Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) scores vary with treatment and may identify potential defaulters during treatment of tuberculosis.
Ayuk Adaeze Chikaodinaka
Malawi Medical Journal. 2018 30(4):283-290

26. Does spinal surgery for spinal tuberculosis during active infection predispose to post operative surgical site infection?: Experience From Kenyatta national hospital.
A. Fazal, A. Chaudry
East African Orthopaedic Journal. 2018 12(2):49-51

27. Diagnostic performance of GeneXpert and Ziehl-Neelson microscopy in the detection of tuberculosis in Benue State, Nigeria.
Enenche Francis Ejeh, Ann Undiandeye, Victor O. Akinseye, Kenneth O. Okon, Haruna M. Kazeem, Caleb Ayuba Kudi, Simeon Idowu B. Cadmus
Alexandria Journal of Medicine. 2018 54(4):529-533

28. Risk factors associated with paediatric tuberculosis in an endemic setting.
Caleb Joseph Attah, Stephen Oguche, Daniel Egah, Tokkit Nandi Ishaya, Mathilda Banwat, Adgidzi Godwin Adgidzi
Alexandria Journal of Medicine. 2018 54(4):403-409

29. Cell epitopes of the esxA full gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from sputum of MDR-TB patients.
Desak Nyoman Surya Suameitria Dewi, Soedarsono Soedarsono, Ni Made Mertaniasih
African Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2018 12(2):66-70

30. Proposed guidelines to minimise multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment default in a multi-drug resistant unit of Limpopo Province, South Africa.
T Chauke, L Netshikweta, V.O. Netshandama, L Nyathi, T.G. Tshitangano, F.C. Olaniyi
African Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2018 12(2):55-65

31. Bioimpedance markers and tuberculosis outcome among HIV-infected patients.
Raśl Montalvo, Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz, Daniela E. Kirwan, Robert H. Gilman
African Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2018 12(2):47-54

32. Single nucleotide polymorphism of eccB5 gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates from suspected pulmonary TB patients in Surabaya Indonesia.
Siti Kurniawati, Soedarsono Soedarsono, Aulanni?am Aulanni?am, Ni Made Mertaniasih
African Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2018 12(2):37-42

33. Etiologic agents of lower respiratory tract infections among patients attending tuberculosis clinic in Benin City, Nigeria.
E.E. Ibadin, H.O. Ogefere, T.O. Ehondor
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 2018 19(4):260-267

34. Tuberculosis prevalence among university freshmen in Zhengzhou, China, during 2004-2013.
Yu-Hong Wang, Ye Tian, Jin-Xin Gao, Chao-Kuan Lei, Yan-Wen Liu, Zhong-Min Han, Hua Xing, Can Yan, Le Zhou
African Health Sciences. 2018 18(4):1109-1116

35. Screening for diabetes among tuberculosis patients: a nationwide population-based study in Egypt.
Mohsen Gadallah, Wagdy Amin, Magdy Fawzy, Alaa Mokhtar, Amira Mohsen
African Health Sciences. 2018 18(4):884-890

36. Male gender and duration of anti-tuberculosis treatment are associated with hypocholesterolemia in adult pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Kampala, Uganda.
John Mukisa, Ismael Kawooya, Joan Nangendo, Annet Nalutaaya, Jean Nyamwiza, Ali Sam, Ronald Ssenyonga, William Worodria, Ezekiel Mupere
African Health Sciences. 2018 18(3):479-487

37. Prevalence of rifampicin resistant tuberculosis and associated factors among presumptive tuberculosis patients in a secondary referral hospital in Lagos Nigeria.
Olusola Adedeji Adejumo, Bolanle Olusola-Faleye, Victor Adepoju, Abimbola Bowale, Sunday Adesola, Ayodeji Falana, Henry Owuna, Kehinde Otemuyiwa, Shafaatu Oladega, Oluwatosin Adegboye
African Health Sciences. 2018 18(3):472-478

38. Will the current National Strategic Plan enable South Africa to end AIDS, Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Infections by 2022?.
Kathryn L. Hopkins, Tanya Doherty, Glenda E. Gray
Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine. 2018 19(1):

39. Epidemiology of tuberculosis in South Sudan.
Edward Eremugo Luka
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(1):

40. Knowledge of tuberculosis and factors responsible for low case detection in the Amansie Central District, Ghana.
Eugenia Afoakwa, John Taylor
South Sudan Medical Journal. 2018 11(1):8-12

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